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As you will have gathered it’s my contention, born out by practical experiences, that it’s sugar that made me fat.   The list below deal only with sugar contents and while in the main it’s fairly straight forward to identify ‘Good’ or ‘Bad’ foods there are some anomalies.  In such case I have qualified the relevant entry.  Also please note that I’m only listing foods base on their sugar content or carbohydrate group (if that’s the right word).  The list doesn’t contain references to fat or salt content.

Bad Food

These food should be avoided if possible unless they are eaten in very small quantities as a special treat, for example I ‘allow’ myself a teaspoon of marmalade with my Sunday breakfast.

Jam and Marmalade


White bread

Wholemeal bread

White pasta

Long grain rice

Most breakfast cereals (but see Good Foods)

All forms of sprinkling sugar


Most booze (Stick to those drinks that have a lower sugar content, if possible, when indulging)

Fruit and veg (These have quite high sugar contents but should still be consumed.  They are on the ‘Bad Food’ list to flag them up rather than suggest they shouldn’t be eaten – try to have smaller portions and go for the lower sugar content options, for example oranges rather than apples.  Grapes are right at the top of the high sugar list)


Dried fruit



Pure Fruit Drinks

Fizzy Fruit Drinks




Good Food

All of the foods listed below have low sugar contents – but don’t forget to check them out when buying, recipes do change after all.  Initial;y the list consists of foods I have or currently include im my diet, please email me with any additions.



Shredded Wheat

Bran (but not bran based breakfast cerials)

Sainsbury’s Organic Cornflakes (Check other own brands for low sugar content)

Whole grain pasta

Basmati Rice

Risotto Rice


Soda water

Tea (but check sugar content for fruit teas)


Almond Milk

Coconut milk

Skimmed or semi-skimmed milk

Whole Grain Bread


Fruit and vegetables (These can be quite high in sugar but good anyway – select small sizes, for example a tangerine rather than an orange.  Some stores sell ‘children’s bananas’ which are small.  We buy these as bananas are high in sugar so the small size helps cut down.)




English Muffins (Sainsbury’s are 3.6 grammes per 100 of sugar, other supplies may well match or even better this figure.  Check them out.)